Somehow I got myself a BMW E30 M3 Cecotto


Due to strange curcumstnaces I somehow ended up with a BMW E30 M3 Cecotto, Number 49 or only 505 ever build. Somehow the deal included a golden rolex, three piece BBS wheels, a E46 320i touring that I had laying around.
I’ve known the car Cecotto for 14-15 years and have had many fun times.

The as is in “OK” condition, it needs some work to restore to it’s former glory but it’s managable. Some parts are missing, some are non origianl but so far I couldn’t spot any big ticket items.
Due to my panel beater buddy beeing busy at the moment all progress on the CSL is on halt so I’ll have some time for the E30 that’s sitting in my garage.

First steps included:
* Change from the BBS RS1 wheels to the Standart 16″ Wheels, the 16″ where not included in the deal adn I don’t have the spare cash to buy them right now, also I am not sure if I really want them
* The car was filled with “stuff” that I returned to the former keeper. It took three moving boxed haul all the “stuff” that was laying in the car
* Basic cleanup on the inside (vacuum, dusk, cleaning wipes, removing stickers)
* Replacing the dead battery, the old one was beyond saving. The warning Light of my trusted CTEC Battery Charger starts blinking after a couple of minutes
* fixed the iluminated gear knob
* fixed the broken indicator indicator lever, 230€ !!!

It sounds strange but only after the car sat in my garage for two to three days I really realised that I now own the first three generations of BMW M3 Special Editions.
Thanks to my buddys Simon, Marius, Tom and Elvis who helped to broaker the deal, transport the car with a 5 minute notice and got me my first batch of genuine spare parts.

My next step is to get the car TÜV, the german road worthynes certificate, in order to bring it on the road.

So far I know that I need to fix the following topics:
* Horn doesn’t work
* right spray nozzle doesn’t work
* replacement battery is not secured properly, yeah the TÜV will not notice but it will bug me
* wipers need replacing
* tyres are not pretty much gone, perfect to store the caar on but not safe for road use. I might be able to get a 16″ set of wheels with macao blue spokes that will fit the car nicely, I hope



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