Project Turn

So one Tuesday evening, the 5th of January 2016, I was chatting with the seller of the shell CSL via whatsapp and I asked him what happened to the CSL parts. He told me that he put them in a replica and I asked if he still owns the replica.

Of cource he did!

So I asked him if he would be interested in selling us the replica as well.

Well, told me that there was someone scheduled to look at the replica this weekend so I asked if I could call, he agreed, a 1:30 hour phone call later I agreed to pay 500 GBP over asking price for the shell and the replica.


I told Elvis about the fantastic deal I just did, he congratulated me and he asked me if I wanted to take over the project by myself.

That’s how you know you have a great friend. Someone tells you that he just made the both of you a easy money and he/she asks if you want it to keep for yourself.


By now both of us knew that we would build out a CSL in showroom condition and not to through together some parts for a trackday tool.

Did I mention that Elvis already owns a great CSL in a condition that 95% of all people describe as “like brand new” but he keeps finding stuff that’s in a “bad” shape. Oh year his winter car is my former E46 M3, more on that in a later post.



I think that some pics of the replica are in order:


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