Initial Project

The saying goes that that around ten to twenty years after rare cars come out they will hit the peak of there price curve because people who where getting there licence 10-20 years before can now afford the cars.

So getting my licence in 1998 I should have always wanted to get myself a M3 off that eara. It sounds borring but I already own a BMW E36 M3 GT that I’ve neglected for several years.

I always wanted to have a M3 CSL but in my 20s there where too expensive and finally having the money in my thirthis I always thought of them beeing overprices.

It also didn’t help that one of my best friend got himself a CSL in 2009 that he’s lovingly restored to a condition that one would describe as “brand new”. So from time to time I actually got to drive my hero but never expeted to get myself one.

As of this writing the “cheapest” CSL in Europe will set you back 99 500€ and a nice one will burn a 120 000€ in your pocket. The top notch cars are on offer for around 150 000€

Sorry but 120-150k€ I’ll get myself a nice Ferrari 458 Italia or a Ariel Atom 3 300 AND a Tasla Model S P85 D with the “ludicrous mode” or a Ferrari F430 AND a nice F31 335d or a M4 off the showroom floor plus with the rest of the money I could pay up the depth I own on my house.

I really already own a neglected BMW M3 GT. If you’re looking for special M3s it doesn’t get any better then this. BTW: I am thinking about placing a M4 GTS order, just for kicks

So to summen it up I always wanted to own a CSL but wasn’t willing to spend CSL money. I didn’t had any hard feelings about the topic until….

December 18 2015

On that date one of my very best friends forwarded my this post


So we started thinking about buying the shell with no real goal behind it.

After a couple of days we decided to ask for a quote.

We got back a quote that was much better then we expected and agreed to pay asking price.

So Elvis and myself hatched to plan to build up the shell as a trackday toy for the both of us to floor around racetracks in central europe. In my mind we would build up the shell, slam regular M3 donor into it, mod it with some cheap CSL fake parts and would probably wreck the shell within a year or two. Great times, already smelled the burnt rubber and clutches!


Initial Pics

Better Pics


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